Welcome to Moses International Dental Care


Welcome to MOSES INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CARE -an ISO 9001:2008 standards dental centre. Established in 1997 ,MOSES DENTAL CLINIC gained the trust and confidence of the public within a short time period. Soon, MOSES DENTAL CLINIC grew to become an establishment, than just a dental clinic. In 2012 ,taking another giant leap, MOSES DENTAL CLINIC got relocated to its present location, after having built a state-of-the-art dental centre. Enjoy a virtual tour of MOSES INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CLINIC.


    • Dental Implants
    • Laser Dental Treatment
    • Prosthetic replacement of missing teeth.
    • Gum Treatments (laser)
    • Root Canal treatments (laser)
    • Cosmetic┬áRestoration
    • Tooth Coloured Braces
    • Ceramic crown and bridge
    • Kids treatments, Tooth Whitening and Tooth Jewels
  • Clinic Tour

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