A toothful, fruitful life

photoI am Dr. P. G. George . At the age of 80 I had to remove all my upper jaw teeth and put a full set of removable denture.

I am an active person. I felt quite unsatisfied with my dentures. It affected the way I talked. My words were not clear. Hence people could not understand me. Also I was not able to enjoy food because of the plate.

Then I remembered I had read some where about tooth implants. I told my son Gigi also about it. My son is an anaesthetist working at Holy Cross Hospital, Adoor. I started to make enquiries about tooth implants. As tooth implanting is a new methodology it hadn’t as yet caught up. Hence many people discouraged me. They told me that there was a chance that the implant may get infected. But my son insisted that I should talk to those who do this procedure. He directed me to Dr. Nirmal Saibu who was doing his specialization in tooth implants in Chennai along with his wife Dr. Simple.

I had a talk with Dr. Nirmal and his wife. After the talk I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I went to Chennai to get it done by Dr.Nirmal and Dr.Simple.

My wife whose case was even more complicated than mine also did tooth implant Today both us are fully satisfied with the treatment. We are able enjoy our food more and talk clearly.

From the bottom of our hearts my wife and I thank Dr. Nirmal and Dr. Simple for the wonderful work they have done. God bless them and keep them.

Dr P.G. George

Christian Medical Centre, Pathanamthitta.